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Experience Legal Guidance When Dealing With High-Asset Divorce And Complex Property Division

Divorces involving substantial assets and high earners can complicate asset division and financial support. However, these cases also present more opportunities for creative solutions. The key is to work with a lawyer who can flesh out those opportunities while protecting your key interests.

The Ohio family law attorneys of Mahaffey & Associates, LLC, have experience with high-asset divorce cases. We have represented professionals and business owners, as well as their lesser-earning spouses. Our goal is an efficient and practical out-of-court settlement, but we are prepared to litigate in high-stakes divorce situations to win your fair share.

Retirement Portfolios And Other High Net Worth Considerations

When it comes to distribution of property, high-asset divorces require extensive analysis on the front end to identify any separate property, to properly value the marital assets and gauge true income. We enlist other professionals as necessary to get an accurate picture of the estate and pursue a comprehensive settlement that takes into account:

  • Pensions and 401(k) savings
  • Stocks, investments and deferred compensation
  • Possession of the marital residence
  • Other real estate
  • A closely held business or professional practice
  • Self-employment income
  • Hidden assets or income
  • Debts and liabilities
  • Deviations from the child support guidelines
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Prenuptial agreements

For many couples, retirement accounts are the largest share of their net worth. We commission a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) to determine the proportional division of retirement benefits under Ohio’s equitable distribution statute. The QDRO can in turn be used to negotiate for other considerations such as full stake in a business, equity in the home or the amount of alimony.

Committed To Your Best Interests

We work to ensure that the outcome serves your short- and long-term financial interests, allowing you to maintain your lifestyle as you move forward with your life.

We offer free initial phone consultations to discuss your unique situation and concerns directly with a lawyer. Call us at (419) 827-5008 or contact us online. We accept all major credit cards, and can meet clients at offices in Sylvania, Toledo or Northwood.

Mahaffey & Associates, LLC

Call For A Free Consultation
(419) 827-5008

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