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Taking On The Complexity Of Cross-Border Divorces

The supportive and seasoned attorneys at Mahaffey & Associates, LLC, believe in legal services customized for our clients. Divorce is a life-changing time where important decisions must be made. While rife with emotional elements, we try to help our clients make good choices that are in their best interests.

Regardless of the complexity of their divorce actions, we handle all aspects of the dissolution while our clients pick up the pieces of their lives.

We Can Even Help With Cross-Border Divorces

Divorce is already a disruptive process for couples from the same country. Complex issues arise when a divorce action started with one person moving to Canada from Ohio or vice versa to get married.

Cross-border divorces transcend family law due to the significant impact on taxes. Division of assets based upon their location (Canada or the United States) is also a factor. Property transfers could result in unintended gift taxes dictated by residency and citizenship.

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For help with a cross-border divorce, take action and contact Mahaffey & Associates, LLC, online. To schedule a consultation at our Sylvania, Toledo or Northwood, you can also reach us at (419) 827-5008. Our lawyers make themselves available on evening and weekend appointments on request. Our firm also accepts major credit cards.

Mahaffey & Associates, LLC

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