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Great experience. Mr. Mahaffey and staff treated us like family. I was so worried and they always made me feel better. My husband lost his job and the staff there understood and handled everything honestly and professionally.”– A Satisfied Client

I would recommend Ty Mahaffey. He was there for me. He was very personable and kind. He was always very professional and did a great job handling my case. I would use him again.”– A Satisfied Client

“Friendly, honest service. Ty had promised a complete dismissal for my case, and originally the court said they would dismiss only part of it, but after today, thanks to Ty, I still have a clean record. Ty was and is a friendly, down to earth man, he felt more like a friend acting as my lawyer than just my lawyer. I don’t think I could recommend him more.”– Alex

The best lawyer yet!. We have hired Mr. Mahaffey for a raid we was in. All over some stupid weed. Well we heard of Mr. Mahaffey threw a family friend. We talked to Mr. Mahaffey on the phone that day then we drove from findlay to Sylvania retained him and have had nothing but great service since we retained him. He even let us make payments. What other lawyer does that? Um No one! He’s smart knows the law and our rights. Thank you Ty Mahaffey for the great job your doing for my husband. See you soon!”– Matt and Heidi H.

“I highly recommend this company to anyone. They are very helpful, dependable, and trustworthy. They treat you just like family. I am fairly new to this area. I looked up a few people. When I came across this company, I felt the spirit gods pulling on me like this is the one. Once speaking with him by phone, I knew definitely that he was the one. Attorney Ty and his staff are friendly, understandable, and have gone far out of their way to give us the best service ever. He told me he would treat my son in law like his own. I believe he went far and beyond to do that. If I was ever in need again, I will entrust this caring family to take care of us. I pray blessings upon blessings to this great and outstanding company. They are very pleasant to do business with. I was and am very pleased.”– Trish J.

“I called for legal advice about relocating out of state with my child. I was unmarried when I had him and wanted to make sure I was legally allowed to move to a different state. Ty told me I was in the clear, and definitely eased my mind about the matter. The fact that he gave me this advice over the phone and complimentary at that is such a great service. I absolutely recommend anyone who has questions or concerns to contact this team!”– Hannah C.

“I called and spoke with Ty Mahaffey and by the end of our phone call I felt 110% better about my options. He was super friendly and listened to everything I was saying! I am so glad I chose to call him and his office! I will recommend Mr. Mahaffey and Associates to all my friends seeking help and/or guidance! I appreciate you Ty, Thanks again!”– Christina

“I had the pleasure of talking with Ty about a legal trouble i was stressing over. He was very informative and genuinely caring while explaining my options involving my situation. I have never talked to someone with so much compassion for his clients as Ty has. I highly recommend Mahaffey & associates to anyone in need of any of their services.”– Kandyce W.

“Absolutely outstanding help! I spoke with Ty Mahaffey today and let me just say he went out of his way to help and answer any and all of my questions on his own time, even though I wasn’t able to hire him (which I totally would and def recommend him) but due to jurisdictions I am unfortunately unable to. He was very down to earth and friendly!!!”– Paul & Tiffany S.

“Mr Mahaffey called me right back after I had conversations with the night clerk at 10:30 PM. Wow he listened to my story and he even though he was not able to help me he was kind and compassionate about my situation.
Thank you again.
I wish you well”– Flo M.

“I was highly impressed with how promptly we received advice. We emailed on a Saturday morning and received a phone call within ten minutes. He was very informative and pleasant. We would recommend in the future.”– Francesca I.

“Needed a quick consultation regarding a situation and ended up talking with Ty. He listened to what I had to say and was super helpful in going over it and providing his insight on how to proceed.”– Calin S.

“Ty Mahaffey was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and kind. He was quick to answer any questions I had, and reassured me. Thank you, Ty.”– Rainbow B.

“Ty helped me understand my situation a lot better. He even called me @ night. I really appreciate all his advice.”– Hazel E.

“Ty was able to help me and answer my questions even though he would not be local to me to help with my case, I would def. recommend him and this agency in your search for assistance!”– Tyler P.

“Really awesome! i was extremely worried and the advice they gave me was amazing. thank you for the help! you are awesome!”– Phoenixlivez J.

“Extremely helpful! The advice and encouragement I received was by far exceptional. Thank you!”– Sim K.

“Patricia was my attorney for a family matter. She was very responsive reasonably priced. Patricia makes you feel like a person rather than a dollar sign. She was very heart felt and fought her hardest to get you the answers you were trying to get. I would hire her over and over again! Thanks Patricia for all of your hard work and dedication to me!”– Brandie R.

“I needed a decent, affordable legal consultation. After contacting several law firms and getting no where, Ty quickly responded to my questions. He provided a free initial consultation that answered the important questions. He was very knowledgeable and summarized it in a simple manner. I highly recommend him! His education and experience in both science and law makes him a uniquely qualified attorney with a distinctive advantage.”– Anna Q.

“Ty is a very experienced attorney with a personal touch a family approach, in a time that could have been disastrous ty brought calm to the storm. When not knowing the outcome ty can provide much needed assistance. I have made him my attorney for our family. He’s not about money, he is about results. Thankyou Ty Mahaffey is forever grateful!”– Sara H.

“Ty was excellent! We were highly satisfied. He treated us as though we were his family. Down to earth and very easy to talk to. He got the best outcome for us. We would definitely recommend him. Thank you so much, Ty!!!”– Karen S.

“You won’t find a better attorney out there! If you want to have peace of mind, Ty is the way to go. He helped us greatly!! I hope I never have an issue that requires an attorney again, but if I do I will use him without a doubt!!”– Brian F.

“I have always been reluctant about contacting lawyers, but I am glad that I did. The office was extremely helpful, professional, and genuinely cared about what I was going through when dealing with divorce. I highly recommend and will continue to use this firm in the future!”– Steve F.

“Ty is a man of his word! He has been my lawyer since February of this year and has done a great job and every word he has said to me has happened. Thank You Ty, for all your hard work and honesty, that is truly hard to find these days. I would trust him for any case big or small.”– Brian B.

“Ty is a very helpful person. I had to talk soon and he took time out of his busy schedule to talk with me on a Sunday afternoon. After a few discussions he handed it over to Erica to handle the case. Erica is very tough, if I ever end up in court again I only hope that I have her on my side of the court.”– Josh G.

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with several attorneys at Mahaffey & Associates. They answered my questions professionally, honestly and openly. I have recommended them to friends. They are small enough to be approachable but have the team to handle all types of legal issues, civil to criminal.”– Kenneth S.

“Ty has worked with our family for years. His knowledge of laws for estate planning and wills was exceptional. He is reliable and pays attention to the details.”– Jeff K.

“Never could I ask for a better lawyer…Better yet a better family that I have gained.. My case lasted 2 years never not 1 time could I not reach ty. He was always there for me night or day, always there to give advice with anything and everything. Everyone was always so nice when answering phones and when I was in the office.. Never in my life would I ever speak to another lawyer.. This is the man you want to be your saving Grace, the light at the end of the tunnel and the man you want on your side when things are tough… Thank you for everything Ty and Erica!!”– Cindy L.

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