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Defense Against Child Pornography Accusations

If you’ve been accused of possessing child pornography, you’re likely to be feeling an incredible amount of stress and uncertainty about what the future might hold. Countless circumstances give way to the involvement of law enforcement, and you’re probably terrified of what is going to happen.

These are serious accusations with severe consequences for convicted offenders. What’s more, facing a child pornography charge at the state level brings the possibility of facing federal charges – as most offenses conducted via the internet can be argued to have crossed state lines.

Mahaffey & Associates, LLC focuses on providing strong advocacy to those facing criminal allegations in the Toledo metro area, and across the greater Lucas and Wood County areas. While our offices are located in Sylvania, Toledo, and Northwood, OH, we are prepared to represent clients against child pornography charges that have been filed at both the state and federal levels.

We represent clients from all walks of life, including those who have never had any contact with law enforcement or a criminal court before. You don’t have to face these charges on your own. Our skilled criminal defense attorneys can start fighting to protect your rights.

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What To Do If You Are Facing Possession Of Child Pornography Charges in Ohio

While law enforcement officials and bystanders may make it seem otherwise, it’s crucial to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. While facing a charge of this nature can be a deeply disturbing experience, it is important to remain calm and exercise your right to remain silent.

There are few things that you alone can do to mitigate the strict laws and consequences that come with these charges. So contact a child pornography possession defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Protect Your Future Against The Consequence Of A Conviction

Ohio state law prohibits the creation, reproduction, sale, delivery, exhibition, purchase, control, or publication of explicit matter depicting a child. Any conviction of an offense  in violation of this law can result in one to eight years of incarceration and other penalties, including mandatory registration as a sex offender.

Working with an attorney is one of the only ways to mitigate the harsh realities that can follow a conviction of these charges. Because the burden rests on the prosecution to prove these charges beyond a reasonable doubt, we work on defending many cases by challenging the evidence against you and the manner in which it was gathered.

Law enforcement officers must follow certain procedural rules when applying for and conducting a search. This means that a problem with a search warrant could result in the prosecution being unable to use seized evidence at trial. Therefore, we will conduct our own investigation to identify all available defenses – whether they relate to the chain of custody, access to a computer, and more.

We’re Prepared To Help – No Matter What

We understand the strengths and weaknesses that can make or break a case. So not only will we work to build a strong defense against the claims brought against you, we’ll be sure to keep you informed about the progress and outlook of your situation.

By choosing Mahaffey & Associates, LLC as your legal counsel, you’ll have the opportunity to reach us at every stage of the process. Not every firm that offers services as a child pornography lawyer is able to handle these matters with precision and care. But our firm is committed to making sure that everyone has access to competent, high-quality legal services and support during criminal proceedings.

While it may be possible for our team to negotiate an out-of-court resolution, we will always prepare each case for trial. By remaining prepared at each step of the way, our defense lawyers can limit potential stigma and avoid the worst aspects of a conviction whenever possible.

Work With An Attorney Who Understands That You’re Innocent Until Proven Guilty

If you are charged with possession or distribution of child pornography, it is critical to act quickly to fight the allegations. Choosing Mahaffey & Associates, LLC as your child pornography defense lawyer will mean that you have access to a legal expert who is ready to defend your constitutional rights at every stage of prosecution.

With offices located in Sylvania, Northwood, and Toledo, OH, Mahaffey & Associates, LLC can get to work on your case immediately. So don’t wait, call (419) 827-5008 to take advantage of a free initial phone consultation, or send us an email to get started today.

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