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Experienced Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Northwest Ohio

If you are working but falling farther and farther behind on your mortgage payments and your credit card bills, we can help. Mahaffey & Associates, LLC, can step in to save your home, stop creditor harassment and get you back to financial stability.

Our attorneys will sit down with you to explore Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a solution if you do not qualify to file a Chapter 7. We have helped hundreds of clients in the greater Toledo area and surrounding counties of Ohio and southeast Michigan get relief from bill collectors while paying down their debts over time. Contact us today for a free consultation.

The Chapter 13 Debt Repayment Plan

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you pay a set amount each month for three to five years, based on income available after paying your living expenses. If you complete your repayment plan successfully, any remaining unsecured debts will be discharged.

Beware Of Debt Reduction Services

There are many “debt counseling” agencies that will offer to slash your debts through consolidation or negotiation with your creditors. Mahaffey & Associates, LLC, has rescued many clients after those services failed to get them out of debt. Only bankruptcy offers legitimate protection from creditors, and most Chapter 13 debtors pay back far less than they owe.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy May Be Right For You:

  • If your income is too high for Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • If you face home foreclosure because you are behind on your mortgage payments
  • If you have a significant amount of home equity or other assets that would be forfeited in Chapter 7

Our attorneys will sit down with you to examine your income, assets, debts and expenses to make sure you can qualify for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, and to explain other debt relief options.

Call us today at (419) 827-5008 for a free consultation. We can meet clients at our offices in Sylvania, Toledo or Northwood, including evenings and weekends by appointment.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Mahaffey & Associates, LLC

Call For A Free Consultation
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